The Reliance Wifi is powered with the following features:
Supports 800 MHz frequency band
Micro SD Card Support
Works as Wi-Fi hotspot to connect with 5 users simultaneously
Support Receive Diversity Antenna

Wifi Data Card is available with new postpaid connection .

Free data roaming across india
Wi-Pod Max + Power Bank
Supports CDMA 800MHZ & Wi-Fi B/G/N
Wi-Pod - 14.7Mbps data rate
Max 5 users on Wi-Fi
Use it as a Power Bank.
Power Bank capacity - 5200mAh battery
Micro SD slot
Wi-Pod Mini Lava MF 802s
Attractive design Superior indoor internet coverage at CDMA 800MHZ & Wi-Fi B/G/N
HSD 14.7Mbps data rate
Max 6 Users
Battery Capacity- 2200 mAh
Consistent data speeds
Easy setup process
Connects multiple users simultaneously
Storage support with Micro SD
Wipod Cash Back Plan
Device Wipod Mini Wipod Max
Device cost (Rs.) 1699 1899
Monthly Rental (Rs) 999 999
Cashback (Rs)) 500/month 500/month
Cashback Period 3 months only 3 months only
Total Cashback (Rs) 1500 1500
Free Data Usage 12GB Unlimited Day & 12GB Unlimited Night 12GB Unlimited Day & 12GB Unlimited Night
Speed Post Free Usage 144Kbps 144Kbps
* Day= 0600 hrs to 2300 hrs : * Night = 2300 hrs to 0600 hrs